In awe of music and musicians. Never very good at actually playing the many instruments I’ve SoundBetter PROgathered around me but seem to have found my niche in using the technology in the studio as creative tool. Everybody has something that works as an escape (at least I hope they do) and this is it for me.


I started helping other musicians some years ago when smallfishrecordings was born. The main theme is that of modest scale (not ambition), which I hope anchors the project in reality and allows me to truly love the work – which I do not HAVE to do. I have enough of that already thanks.

The Studio

It’s a hybrid digital/analogue studio with a combination of acoustic treatment and room correction software keeping everything as flat as possible.

All core work is carried out in Logic with help from a TC Electronic Powercore unit providing some extra DSP for intensive digital tasks. It’s not all digital though….Control 2802

All DAW signals pass through 16 channels of high end D/A conversion and hit the analogue desk where mixing and summing happen to provide that all important big desk vibe and to give me something tactile to aid the creative process. For those who are interested, it’s a Focusrite Control 2802 which has is built to a very high spec and includes a very nice VCA bus compressor which can be used on mix stems or when running stereo masters.

The concept is aligned to the ethos – to provide the highest possible creative quality at costs which anyone who is serious about their work can afford. The marriage of the best digital and analogue tools, coupled with a thoughtful, committed and experienced engineer delivers not only a great result but a great experience.


Here are some nice comments from my valued clients:

Mr Alboh    It was my pleasure to work with Jon and his smallfishrecordings, he mastered my upcoming album “before the moon touches the ground”  he’s professional, fast and always ready to listen to your needs. A great master and a great person.
Turning Plates “The Shouting Cave is one of the standout albums of the year, an exquisitely crafted work of art” The Herald Scotland. “The Shouting Cave est un sacré bon album d’une musique aussi belle qu’euphorisante et énergisante ; aussi riche et complexe que glissant toute seule dans les oreilles.” Dans Le Mure Du Son
Olive Grove “thanks mate, I really appreciate you doing that for me/us I genuinely couldn’t have done this without you!”
Randolph’s Leap “Aye it sounds cracking. Thanks very much for your help again”.
Woodenbox “Mate thank you. Good job indeed I love it…you have put mastering to a new place for me.” “End Game is brilliantly produced, brilliantly written and brilliantly performed”
The Son(s) “An immediately rewarding aspect is the production. Imperative to records of this ilk, it is warm, honest and homespun – mixed by the boorishly artistic Smallfishrecordings.”
Distant Friends “Jon does a great job. The best thing he does is communicate while keeping an open mind. A priceless trait.”
The Goldroom “Brent is upstairs “mastering” the tracks. What I mean by that is he is getting the Battle Tapes mixes up in overall level so they match up in volume to yours. A few minutes ago he yelled downstairs (to me): “Your guy in the UK knows what the **** he is doing!”

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